BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

I just finished reading BAD FEMINIST by Roxane Gay, and I strongly recommend this collection of essays. I felt myself connecting with Gay in a lot of ways; for example, I, too, believe that women and men should be equal, but I also (a bit paradoxically) believe that my husband, as “the man of the house,” should be required to kill all the bugs and spiders so that I don’t have to. Gay addresses the fact that feminism has been mistakenly equated with the notion of “militant man-hating,” and instead offers us “bad feminism,” or, as I’d like to think of it, human feminism, which believes and fights for equality but also allows for the contradictions that women–and all people–have within them. In her essays, which are funny and insightful, profound and relatable, Gay discusses politics, popular culture, race, and gender in ways that are fresh, illuminating, and, most importantly, honest.


New poem to be published

My poem “Questions for My Doppelgänger” was accepted for publication this week and will appear in Issue 5 of 3Elements Review. For each issue, the editors of this journal choose 3 words (hence, 3Elements) that must be used in all pieces submitted during that reading period. The words for this issue were “doppelgänger,” “dirge,” and “bludgeon.” I will post a link to the journal as soon as the issue becomes available.